About Me

[Updated Sep 2016 finally after I don't know how long of trying]

Hi, I'm Tuttle.

I'm a 27 year old autistic self-advocate. I use the phrase self-advocate in order to remind myself that I'm advocating for myself along with others. I'm not only out there making the world a better place for others - especially those younger than me - but also making a difference for myself. It's a thing I need reminding of.

I do focus a lot on those younger than myself, in part because it's where I choose to focus. I work with autistic children, and would love to be able to see less pain for them.

I'm multiply-disabled. Wish I could figure out how to write about all sorts of intersections but when I try words don't come together, and find my writing changes dramatically based on the type of migraine that's occurring.

I'm irritated at how hard it is to have anything sensory processing related taken seriously, and how frequently neurodivergence is seen as autism only.

Also I like turtles. And kayaking. And cats.


  1. Hey there! This is MJSmile from SPD chat. :) I have been looking around your blog, and it is totally, completely awesome! I decided to comment on this page because I think it is super cool that you tutor math, and I completely agree that it is taught horribly most of the time. I absolutely hated math in 3rd grade. I thought I was horrible at it. At the time, I had both a rigid, boring, teacher and a rigid, boring math system. I started working with a math tutor outside of school at the end of that year, and it was amazing. I realized that math was actually quite fun, and that I wasn't horrible at it after all. My self-confidence sky rocketed. I was at a different school the next year, where I had a much better view towards math. Thank you so much for being a math tutor and giving kids that experience! :D (Woah, that was long.)

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    1. It posted twice, sorry! I removed this one.

  3. Hi turtle verb: I found your site from service dog one today. I always have something more to say and do, if possible. I learn from expressing thoughts, others do or dont pay attn to learn too. It seems you do. I'm old and smart and bold and had a cat.
    mentioning "autistic" and "diagnosis" i like to remember that diagnoses are Descriptions, not labels, tho conveniently used that way. And elitist medical [medicine is as much a business as a vocation, profession] the AMA etc want to limit their use of words and descriptions only for them to use [DSMIV or V].

    Many of us, including me, have not had close or frequent contact with an 'autistic' type person, or they did not know or want to admit use of that description/label. It is like being "black" or "white" or "Muslim" or "Catholic" or 'rich' or 'poor' or such dichotomies, as generally words are used.

    Lack of experience with 'other' kinds of people makes awkwardness and difficulties in ease of communication or finding common grounds.

    My son who is dble your indicated age had a "learning disorder" in 1960's when no one ever knew or mentioned why he could not perform academically in a school. It took many years of my own prof'l trainings to reach a place and 2 people [only] who told me there was such a thing, besides the commonly designated "retarded" or not ID's. Later, much later, the American [not everywhere in world] learned from TV and therapists that "learning disordered" [disabled or differently labeled] could be accepted, understood and all were probably different and causes unfound.

    Autisticness has had a bad rap and is not well understood and poorly described in its many varieties.

    Any 'differences' noticeable enough in a person elicits others who want to be "good" [for their own reasons and self-image] and "help" or be 'extra-nice' as a savior to those with less. Those are dangerous people masquerading as "I am here being better than others, ...to help you" You may have met some. I have. While the attn and friendliness is nice, the hidden agendas denied may not be.

    I appreciate your work on the service dog website and how well everyone who responds there shares their know-how.

    being in LA CA there is a radio station called KPFK on which I comment and write and worry about too. Thus my blogspot shows up below. Their programs can be heard online from their 'archives' any time too. Check it out if interested in radical-left-angry-politics +some music programs too. Different and sometimes interesting, unusual too.

    best regards for now.
    mary mary

    1. Autistic is my label. I have claimed it as such, and it is important to me that is is my label. Nobody can take that away from me.

      It is not my label because of any medical professional. It is my label, because I am autistic. Medical professionals cannot describe how I am in a realistic way. They have biased methods of saying that people are wrong, looking only at certain limited groups of people, and then only at deficits. And none of that is related to me being autistic.

      I am autistic, it is my label.

      However, I have still mentioned I am diagnosed, because there is a lot of privilege in getting the paper that says "this is who you are". Because it's what is necessary in order to get accommodations. Because it's the difference between getting support I need and support I don't.

      I mention it not because it's a thing which is necessary. But because it's a thing I have, and because it's a thing that comparing to others, is important in knowing my autism story. My story is a story which includes professionals - how broken the system is and all. There are many which don't have the advantages that provides. There are many which don't have to deal with fighting the system for a decade in order to get the paperwork in order to get the support they need.