Monday, November 7, 2011


Okay, I've been responding enough to people about Asperger's topics, I should just write up things in one area so that I stop repeating myself, and so that I'm less prone to responding in multi-paragraph responses to simple questions.

As most people who might see this know, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome back in July. The diagnosis was far from surprising for anyone that I'm aware of, and was more of finally giving me the label than anything else. Since that point I've been researching the topic far more than I should be spending time on, because its something I can relate to unlike so much at this point in time.

I've been debating starting this for a while, ended up deciding to do so as I wanted somewhere to write up answers to questions well once and be able to link to them rather than responding to questions not nearly as informatively on the same topic time after time. The version of perfectionism that I still deal with post-Academy was really strong here, as the thing that's kept me from doing this until this point was  the lack of a name and the inability to change the name.

However, I think the name I came up with is decent. One of the questions that people online tend to ask me often is what I mean when I use turtle as a verb - saying that I turtle or such. It seems both self explanatory and related to my AS, when faced with things that on the surface level, whether this is something big or deciding what I want for breakfast, I physically and emotionally retreat into my metaphorical shell. I turtle.

Anyways, this is just a rambling introduction so that I have something here. I'll start adding more meaningful posts when I know more how to turn my thoughts into words.


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