Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autistics Speaking Day (one month late)

One month ago was Autistics Speaking Day.

One month ago I thought of starting up this blog, because it was something I was meaning to do.

One month ago I sat down at the computer and was unable to write.

One month ago was one of the few days since I started participating in the autistic community that I did not make a forum post.

Three and a half weeks ago I wrote my first post on here

Yesterday I found this autistic speaking day post.

Today all I can say is that even though she clearly is more severely affected than I am, that's the absolute best Autistics Speaking Day post I have seen.

And today I say thank you for letting me have an easier time than others with this. Thank you for this not being something I've needed to say because while those days are rarer for me, I've not been pushed on one of those days.

(And on the note of that blog, this post of hers is the best written thing I've seen about the use of the word autistic instead of the "person-first language")

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