Monday, March 12, 2012


They say everyone has problems.

They say if I only try harder then I'll be fine. I'm just not trying hard enough.

They say its my fault. It's my fault when I'm hurting. It's my fault when I'm feeling guilty.

They say I'm faking for attention.

They say that because I can speak, I can't be autistic.

They say that because I can ask for help, I shouldn't get it.

They say that as a female adult, if I'm contacting about help to do with ASDs, it must only be because I'm a neurotypical mother of an autistic child. I can't be looking for help for myself.

They say that nobody likes headlights.

They say that I have no reason to care if others smoke.

They say that sirens bother everyone, and can't cause me actual pain.

They say that the flashing of florescent lights can't be visible.

They say that if something is labeled ultrasonic, you always can't hear it.

They say that if it doesn't bother them, it can't bother me.

They say that I can't be disabled, that I can't be autistic, that I'm only a little different.

They say that if I only tried I could drive, and that I'm just being defeatist.

They say I'm just lazy when I don't feel like I can go to the store.

They say that I'm too smart to not have a job. They say I shouldn't need help finding one. They say its my fault I'm not working. They say I don't have real problems that make it more difficult to find, keep, and complete the requirements for a job.

They say its all me.

I say that I'm trying.

I say that I'm doing the best I can.

I say that I am making progress, even if I sometimes can't see it.

I say please stop blaming me. It makes it all harder.

I say let me be myself.

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