Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stim suppression

Why is this done?
Do you ask?
Do you know?

Do you assume
Or even not care.

Does it matter to you why someone is humming
Why someone is spinning
Why someone is flopping to the ground, and lying there

Does it matter to you,
If these are helping
If they have reasons
Does it matter if they are ways you can learn

Do you care if someone can speak more complex thoughts, if they make a few noises before?
Or if you can notice that noises are too much, when their humming begins?

Do you care if the can manage many times as long, if they flap and hum and think
Holding out the bad sensations
Pulling in the good

Do you care about the many ways of communication of hands, of rocking, of noises that aren't words
Or do you not want to bother to learn this style, while forcing us to learn yours

Do you care about the ways that people help themselves
That people manage
That people succeed
And most of all do you care about the pain that occurs when you take all this away?

Or is the only thing you care about "it looks weird?"

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