Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Calm Body part 2

Calm Body, they say
Stopping your motions.
Controlling you, making that clear.

But, aside, I flap, I tap, I twirl my fingers.
That calm body doesn't apply to me.

Calm Body they say,
And they expect me to repeat.
(because clearly I've been "fixed" if I can work)

But, no,
I follow your stims, and repeat them back to you,
Listening to your body with my own.

Calm Body, they say.
And I listen
(but not how they expect)
Learning when they're there to watch

Calm Body, they say.
Teaching compliance,
But instead I teach you how to say no.

Calm Body,
Not mine.

I flap in the hallways.
As I let them all see that I'm proud of who I am.

Not mine,
even as they pull control from me,
even as my needs are ignored,
even as I'm told "I don't really stim"

Not mine,
And I show you that.

Because even if you're hiding now, I want you to see me.

Not mine.
And I show them that.

Because If they recognize me,
maybe they'll recognize you.

But for now,
I'll just help you find ways to subvert that
Calm Body.

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