Friday, August 2, 2013


Reading, wanting to communicate, struggling to get ideas out. Okay, I'll sit down and write. I can do this now. It's a way to get ideas out. I can explain how I feel and how I live.

Right, I have stuff to do on this topic. That's a specific thing to do. Explaining about how life is harsh, and you can't just always focus on how you cope, because if you do that then you deny what people deal with.

Writing. Starting to get in the right mode. I can do this. It's starting to work. I've been stuck not managing to do this for months, but its starting to work now.

Type type. type type. type type.

People coming up and trying get me to do other stuff, interrupting all my thoughts. Losing it. Losing it all again. Don't want to lose it.

Please, let me keep the right mindset. Please. Wrapping up. Curling up. Smaller, smaller. Pulling in.

Walking away, realizing they were interrupting me, maybe kept it, back to trying. Writing quick ideas down to remember thoughts.


Stupid phone.


Too much noise.

Talking. So much talking. Squawking. Squawk squawk. Thoughts are running away. They're leaving.

Getting harder to string ideas together. Can communicate well enough to make people think I'm functioning, but mentally I'm lost. Anything I want to do is gone.

All the noises. Too many noises.

Clenching up. Don't want to hear it all.

Feel like I'm going to burst.

Want to just manage to do something effective. Why can't I be effective?

Bark bark bark bark

Even more. Why more?

Holding head. Typing. More headache.

Questions? I'm supposed to answer questions? Right, yes I can do that.

I'm going to just hide now. Maybe the noise will stop eventually.

Rock rock. rock rock

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