Thursday, August 8, 2013


I don't remember flapping as a child.

Of course. I also remember it being easier to communicate, and all signs point to me being one of those unusual people who as they go through adolescence and early adulthood, get more stereotypical autistic.

Either way, I don't remember flapping as a child. I might have handflapped some, but I don't remember doing so. I know that in high school and since then I've had stims, and I'd assume I did before then, but what they were wasn't necessarily hand flapping.

I hand flap now. Mostly when alone, but not only. It varies entirely on what's going on.

But, the more I read about what people have gone through, the more I read, about Quiet Hands, the more I read about people having stims taken away and them ending up self harming, the more I end up hand flapping.

The first time I remember handflapping was after spending time with someone who flapped - it was like I picked it up from her. I started using the stim that she was using. From that, it started generalizing. I started having multiple different types of flaps. I now have an excited one, a hurrying one, a wanting a communicate one, a "this person gets it" one, a "I'm proud to be autistic" one (which comes out after reading well written things by autistic self advocates).

And while I don't remember flapping as a child, its a stim that feels like I can communicate through. Of all my stims, its the best to communicate through.

It makes so much sense that people hand flap.

I'm doing it more and more. And I'm not ashamed.

Because, really. Communication is communication. Curling up in a ball because you can't speak, is communication. Typing, and making your phone speak is communication. Hand flapping excitedly is communication.

Whoever says it all has to be speech is just wrong.

I can flap and people can learn what I'm thinking from that.

Quiet Hands might mean to many that they need to stop.

But to me, it means if they got hurt, then really, there's even more no reason to not be open about who I am as this becomes more and more natural. It makes me want to hand flap. It makes me want to not only show who I am, but use my hands to do so.

Flap away.

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