Thursday, May 1, 2014

My identity is not your joke

My identity is not your joke.
It's not a thing to laugh at.
It's not a thing to say you are because you're "clearly not normal".
My identity is not yours to "play with".
It's not a thing to make into an insult and call people you don't like.
Or people on the streets as they pass by who look odd.
And when you do that, its not "funny", to either me, or those who are saying it about.

It's who I am. It's a thing that is part of me.
Without it I'd not be me.
It's a deep set, unchanging part of me.
And I rather like being me.

So, when you start joking around, think about the words you're using. Because really, we're people too. And you're taking away parts of us in those jokes, as words turns into insults, and we turn into being viewed as bad people because the words are insults.

I don't like part of me being taken away. I don't like being viewed as bad just because you wanted to say you were joking with a friend instead of bothering to think and come up with an appropriate word for the situation (or maybe one that would actually be funny).

But what do I get to say, I'm just a joke, right?

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