Thursday, April 24, 2014

Not just a brat

They scream and sob, don't follow any directions or answer any questions asked of them, maybe kick, bite, or throw things.

And people judge them. Shouldn't their parents teach them better? Shouldn't they know better than to tantrum as an adult? Why are they doing these things, it won't get them anything they want?

They are judged, while inside they're breaking out of control.

Living life in a world not made for us, we keep going, and finding ways to protect ourselves from the toxicity that is the world around us, and it is not always enough. Simple things, or complex triggers, we break. There's too much. It's too bad. And the world around us swirls out of control, while inside ourselves we ourselves do too. Things no longer make sense; thing that we already know, or that are outside trying to come in. Things no longer process right. False information, wrong information, confusion, lack of control because what is this executive functioning?

It's a mess. The world, inside, its all a mess.

And we end up screaming and sobbing in the midst of all of this.

And we hate it. Losing control isn't pleasant. Facing those moments where the world is too much, and it takes over and shuts down your ability to function is not a thing that is nice to have to face.

And its made worse by the others, the people who say we're tantruming to try to get what we want, that we're knowingly hurting people, that we're immature and shouldn't be allowed in public or at least not alone.

We try to make them less common, we try to protect ourselves.

That just doesn't mean there aren't breakthroughs.

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