Wednesday, June 3, 2015


"We can't do anything for you" means "We don't care"
Or "you look normal"
Or "Any effort at all we will say is too much"

How many times have I heard this?
Refusal to help
Ignoring what I need

But that doesn't mean that I don't need my accommodations
It just means they get away with it easier

As once again my path in life changes because of the same refusal
To let someone possibly be capable of doing what they are capable of
I wonder if it is worth asking
Because every time I'm told the same things

"We can't do anything for you"
Whether it is sitting me in a room by myself
Or putting up signs saying not to spray perfumes

Actually doing your jobs is too hard
So instead you make my life harder
Push me away
And make it so that even when I'd help you, I can't

It's not even better for you this way
It's just so much harder for me.

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