Monday, April 7, 2014


Acceptance is about taking me seriously when I say that I am the way I am. Acceptance is following through with your actions.

It's not arguing when I say the thumping of the bass is making causing a pounding headache and making it so I cannot think. It's also going and asking for it to be turned down, when I cannot do so, because of acknowledging my symptoms.

It's listening when I'm using an AAC app, and responding to me, rather than ignoring me because I'm not speaking, or telling me that I'm verbal and should be speaking.

It's not pushing me to answer quickly when I'm struggling to respond. And it's giving me time to adapt to changes. Because just knowing those symptoms doesn't help if you still push and I still freeze, shutdown, and cannot function, because everything is too much.

It's listening to me. Learning from me.

It's treating me like an equal.

It's not forcing things on any person that they are not okay with.

Acceptance is listening to me about how my autism is, listening to autismdoggirl about hers, and not stereotyping either of us, or expecting either of us to be like each other, or like anyone else you've met with autism. We're individuals. We're also autistic.

It's is once listening, taking what you've heard into account. When you've heard that I have issues with salt, providing food with less salt if you're providing food.

Acceptance is not being afraid when you've heard the word "autistic", and instead getting to know me.

It's letting me have needs and letting me be me.

Acceptance is bothering to think, bothering to remember, and bothering to treat us as individuals.

Don't be afraid to think.

We're not scary once you listen.

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