Monday, March 30, 2015

Joyful Movements

I want them to see someone gleefully flicking their fingers in front of their eyes as they skip back and forth across a room, awaiting instructions, and the utter bliss on this person's face. I want them to to see the joy of someone simply watching snow fall. I want them to to watch the Olympics, watch the athletes handflap in excitement with their results, and then stop and think about whether they really can say that someone shouldn't do that.

I want them to watch someone just get something for the first time; whether multi-variable calculus, or how to find the formula they need on a sheet. I want them to watch the knowing success of someone, even in something they find trivial.

I want them to let themselves be a child, and skip and jump through leaves. And then think, is it so important that we are so proper all the time?

I want them to let themselves see the smiles on the faces. The joy, even in its own ways.

And say, sometimes, the movements. The spinning, flapping, flicking. It's not disruptive, but it is a delight, among so much else.

Why should we stop that?

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