Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Coming Out Autistic

Every time I am open about who I am, it opens up the world a little bit more.
It makes it a little bit more aware that people like me exist.
It makes it a little bit more accepting that people like me exist.
Every time I do an action that we're told we cannot do, it says, "Hey look, this works. Hey look, we can do this."
Every time I say who I am, I make it easier for you to say who you are too.

Society isn't accepting of us. Society defines us into roles, ostracizes us, stigmatizes us. Society fears us and makes us fear it.

And being openly autistic, doing what I want to in life, being impaired and not a stereotype... that helps with teaching society that I am both a verbal disabled autistic adult, and someone who is a success.

And with that, as others do too, it teaches them about autism.

Maybe that'll mean you can be who you need to be. Maybe that'll mean you fear being yourself less. Maybe it'll mean you'll let yourself know this is who you are, and instead of trying to deny it, try to find ways for you to enjoy yourself as yourself. Maybe it'll mean you'll fear others less. Maybe it'll mean you can walk around flapping and humming and wearing ear muffs, and then, go, and be one of the most productive people at your job because they actually gave you a chance to get through an interview. Or maybe it'll mean that you'll go to college when you had thought you couldn't because of the messages around you. Maybe it'll mean that slowly we can erode the idea that working full-time is required to be a worthwhile human being. Or maybe it'll just help you find a way besides a 9-5 to make your own way in this world - whether monetarily or otherwise.

Maybe I can help you be you, by being me.

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